Behati Prinsloo Remains Incredibly Alluring in Lingerie

Yep, Behati Prinsloo is still my favorite Namibian girl, hands down. This whole Adam Levine thing shook me for a while. But if I'm going to dismiss girls that are with or have been with the likes of Adam Levin and John Mayer and David Spade, I'm going to lose half of my secret lust crush list and I can't abide that.

So, I'll ignore the romantic entanglements and just return to how I first fell completely superficially in love with Behati Prinsloo, seeing her posing in little bits of silk and lace as she is once more for Victoria's Secret. She really does have that excellent combination of coquettish looks and a very grown up barely covered body. I think I'm in love all over again. Adam Levine, you bastard. Oops. Enjoy.

Go Big Or Go Home: Tessa Fowler Topless Green Bikini Tease for a Ta-Ta Tuesday


Last week I had a lengthy discussion with my friend Donnie the Weasel over whether or not funbags could be too big. I didn't bring it up, Donnie did, but he also brought over the Coors Party Ball, so who am I to not let him have his say. Two grown men sitting around discussing whether or not boobs can be too large seems pretty damn weak, but a couple of three or nine Coors can help put an edge on an otherwise relatively lame conversation. My conclusion as always was that Donnie needs a real girlfriend and I need to stop drinking the same beer I drank in high school. Albeit, free beer remains forever the best brand.

I'll let you decide for your own-self if there is a too big as you lay your peeps upon the prominently plump chestal goodies on glamour model Tessa Fowler. We've somehow missed Tessa in the past, which is an achievement of dubious sorts given her ample and then some bosom. Personally, I've been chasing glorious hooters of all shapes and sizes my entire life and I don't intend to quit any time soon. I just love the ladies and their fantastic parts. What can I say, they complete me. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn Nipple Slip; Now That’s What I Call A Meal

It's just about time for Allure magazine to come out with their annual edition of almost-nekkid celebrity hotties, one of my favorite new Spring traditions. But why not ease into it with a behind the scenes like at Olivia Munn shooting for Allure and accidentally being caught with her nipple baring out of her braless top. Oh, it's there alright, you just need to look. No, I'm not holding your hand on this one. You're a big boy, you'll find it.

Olivia Munn has been delighting us for several years now. Even though she moved out of fanboy status and into the network and big league spotlight, casting off much of what we loved about her, there's no denying she's still an Egotastic favorite. You throw in some bare Munn nipple and you can call her super favorite today. Everyday is somebody's birthday around here. Enjoy.

Lexie Marlow Hot Bikini Pimping the 138 Once Again

I'd sure like an invite to the 138 Water launch party, whatever year that will be. Provided of course all of these sextastic models they keep trotting out in blessedly tiny bikinis around their curvaceously perfect frames are all in attendance, preferably pouring water over their chests. That would certainly be better than my last backyard party where the pinata I bought from a garage sale turned out to be filled with asbestos and saccharin.

Lexie Marlow is back in the two piece pimping suit pushing the bottled water on the beach in Malibu. If drinking that water gives you a body like Lexie's, I presume they will have no trouble selling it to women until there is no more left to sell. If Lexie promised to take her top off, I'd buy a case myself. I love an upfront proposition. Plus, now I'm kind of thirsty. Enjoy.

Anna Barendregt Topless Shoot for VOLO Leaves Me Weak in the Knees


When I hear anything 'Ukraine' in the news, I can't help it. I just flash to thoughts of so many crazy hot typically blonde beauties who ultimately leave the nest for modeling and making smiles worldwide. It's just the cradle of so much sextastic, I hope we are able to come to some peaceful resolution that allows its production of wicked hot ladies to continue. The world needs this now more than ever.

Case in point, Anna Barendregt featured in the new Spring edition of my very favorite VOLO magazine. VOLO seems to share my similar taste in plain straight up alluring women, something that seems to be dwindling in printed periodicals these days due to publicity pressure and corporate ownership and all. Not that I'm into crank old man status yet, but if I were, I'd still gladly let Anna Barendregt on my lawn. I'd probably even turn on the sprinklers and encourage to run around in her underwear. Even when I'm older and cranky I'm still going to be super horny. Just a wild prediction. Enjoy.

(Do be sure to check out Anna's full pictorial and background in VOLO, she's a keeper.)

Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Nicki Minaj Cleavetastic for The Other Woman Premiere

I can't help but feel like The Other Woman has been coming out in theaters for about ten years now. Maybe just because we've been tracking this film and it's boobtastic cast for so long now during production. But it's finally here. Which means red carpet. Which means big cleavage shows for a chick flick about affairs and fooling around and revenge and other things women love that I don't quite understand. But I do totally get Cameron Diaz in a low cut dress, who along with Kate Upton being her bosomy self and a surprise chesty appearance from the funbags of Nicki Minaj, made for one ripe melon filled red carpet in Los Angeles.

Now, whether or not your woman makes you go to see this movie, that's between you and your conscious. Yes, I know, Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz and bikinis and yadda yadda. We've seen all the photos. Do as you must, my wayward son. Just, please, don't explain yourself after the fact. It's in the details where we lose our souls. Enjoy.

Camila Morais da Paz Bikini Perfection Candidly from All Sides in Miami

Oh, my, oh, my. What do we have here. Another Brazilian bikini model hottie strutting the shores of South Florida showing off her sextastic wares. Camila Morais da Paz isn't just another Brazilian bit of visual wonderment. She has talent galore in the good looking department. Not to mention just about perfect bikini body as far as I can tell from my candid perusing up and down her body these past thirty minutes. Damn you, Brazil, please don't make it stop.

Camila's whale tail belongs in the dictionary of epic bikini asstastic along with so many of her fine fellow country women. Must be something in the water that is making them all so wet, as it were. Enjoy.